About domains, choosing the right domain and our recommendations

About Domains


Find out all the information about domain names and what is important to know when choosing a website name

Table of contents

I. What is a web domain?
II. How do I manage a domain name?
III. What should a domain contain?
IV. How do I choose the right extension?

With the implementation and development of new information technologies, internet traffic has increased significantly in recent years, which has led to an increase in the number of accesses and sales in the online environment.

Due to this, the statistics show that the current time is appropriate to have a representative online environment, so if you do not already have a website for a business, but want to take this step, Hostico provides you with all the services and tools necessary for your project to be online in the shortest possible time.

In the following we will point out the main aspects that define the concept and functionality of web domains on the Internet.

I. What is a web domain?

Web domains or domain names are terms reserved for fixed periods of time, with the main purpose of correlating a physical address of the web server with the chosen term (s).

In short, the domain is the address that we enter in the search bar of the browser when we want to access a web page (ex: google.com, facebook.com, hostico.com)

If the domain name system did not exist, each web page would be accessed from the physical address of the server on which it is located (eg 12.345.678), so you can imagine why the functionality of a website is conditioned by that name, and its lack would only cause confusion.

II. How do I manage a domain name?

The process by which a person or legal entity takes possession of a domain is called registration. As mentioned before, the registration of domains is done for fixed periods (minimum 1 year), and will be renewed later if you want to keep it.

But what do we do if we buy a domain from a company, and we consider that we want to move the service to another provider for different reasons, is there a possibility?

In the vast majority of extensions, yes. Moving a domain is a simple process that usually only involves generating a transfer code, but there are also exceptional situations that require additional procedures.

III. What should a domain contain?

The choice of a domain name is a personal decision, and may contain what terms are desired (as long as it does not violate the legal provisions) but it is recommended to choose a name that is easy to remember and representative of the activity performed.

A concrete example is the website you are currently on: hostico.com.
If we had opted for a more complex name like: hostingcertificatesdomainshostico.com, most likely you would not have read this article for obvious reasons.

The domain name can become a brand, if it is chosen intelligently, and a large part of the accesses will be due to this fact.

IV. How do I choose the right extension?

Through collaborative partnerships with accredited domain registrars, Hostico offers the possibility to register over 140 extensions from all areas of activity.

Even if a large number of extensions is an advantage at first sight, it may not be clear which variant is the right one for the activity performed.
Next we will analyze the situations often encountered when registering domains:

The target audience is from Romania

Most situations fall into this category. We purchase a hosting package, choose the domain name, and directly select the .ro option.

If you are just starting out and have no plans to "conquer" the internet with multiple websites, you can't go wrong with a .ro domain.

As long as the published content targets the Romanian-speaking population, this extension is the right answer.

The target audience is from Europe

There are usually several options here, but most people choose the .eu extension. Hostico recommends purchasing this extension if the activity provided is limited to the European Union, or if you do not want to be limited to the .com extension

The target audience is from a specific country.

Most countries in the world have their own extension that can be used to name the domain. For example: if you sell oranges in Spain, or dates in Greece, you will be able to choose the .es and .gr extensions, respectively, thus being much closer to the chosen target audience.

The target audience is global

In this area, choosing the extension will not be very difficult as there is an indisputable king, represented by the .com extension. The difficulty here will be the availability of the desired name.

Many common names have already been registered with the .com extension, so if this option is not available, Hostico gives you the option to register with .net or .org.

Recommended that websites registered on .com, .net extensions. or .org to be in English to cover a wider range of customers.

The target audience is specialized

If the site is to be a simple blog, or a presentation page for a dental office, Hostico.com comes to your aid with specialized extensions such as .blog or .dentist.

With specialized extensions, you will make the chosen name much easier to remember, so the brand in question has a major advantage.


As you can see, there is a suitable domain for each website, you just have to choose the right option for your field of activity
Further information on registration terms can be found on our pages: Domains and Domain Terms