What's the difference between traditional and cloud hosting services?

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Traditional Hosting Services vs. Cloud Hosting
by Mark DohiViews 79Published 29/04/2022

The advanced development of hosting services has rapidly brought innovations both in terms of applications used in the web industry, but also to the equipment and technologies, so one of the key factors to consider at the moment is the type of web hosting solution you choose.
Until now, the traditional hosting solutions represented by: shared servers, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers still dominate the web hosting market, but with the new technologies developed, more and more people opt for Cloud hosting services.

To understand the difference between traditional and cloud hosting, we need to first understand what traditional hosting is.

Shared hosting

It is represented by individual accounts placed on a single physical server, with an easy-to-use dashboard.
Because there are multiple websites on a single server, CPU, RAM, and space resources are shared, so shared hosting usually supports multiple small or low-traffic sites.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS equipment will host multiple sites, but unlike shared hosting, it offers much more memory resources and processing power.
Although the websites are shared, each website has its own virtual server (virtualized by different methods) providing complete isolation of the server, so the resources are dedicated to the owned website.

Dedicated servers

They are hosting solutions for large or high traffic projects, thus requiring considerable processing and memory resources. Compared to the two types of hosting presented above, dedicated servers involve the highest costs, making it a niche service usually for companies.

Whichever traditional hosting option we choose, data storage will be done on a single physical server, this being a limitation in terms of redundancy of stored information, which is not present in the case of Cloud hosting services.

Cloud hosting

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the cloud service will store files held not on one, but on multiple servers at once, thus providing maximum data redundancy, security, and performance compared to traditional hosting solutions. In addition, because the resources required to store the website's database are spread across multiple servers, the unique cloud hosting architecture guarantees maximum reliability.

Another important thing to note is that due to its easy scalability and advanced caching, hosted sites will perform better and costs will be lower compared to a dedicated server (or even a traditional VPS).

In conclusion, the choice of the right solution for the developed project is closely related to the needs of the website. If it is a small website that does not show a spontaneous growth then the solution of traditional hosting services can be useful, but if the website gains popularity it will require more resources and scalability to effectively manage the growing traffic. , this being offered in cloud hosting services.

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