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Can i buy extra space or other resources (ram,cpu) ?Frequently Asked Questions Commercial | ram | cpu | space | additional
Discover if you can buy additional resources for your hosting plan
by Bogdan JitaruViews 71Updated now 2 monthsPublished 25/05/2019
How do I cancel a service ?Frequently Asked Questions Commercial | cancel | close
Find out how can you cancel a service
by Andrea ZembaViews 115Updated now 2 monthsPublished 21/12/2018
How do I update my billing information ?Frequently Asked Questions Commercial | information | billing
Discover how can you update your billing information
by Andrea ZembaViews 110Updated now 2 monthsPublished 21/12/2018
How long does it take to activate my order ?Frequently Asked Questions Commercial | time | order | activation
Discover how long does it take to activate your order
by Ana RednicViews 103Updated now 2 monthsPublished 25/10/2018
Can I get a refund for the unused / unwanted services ?Frequently Asked Questions Commercial | refund | reversal
Find out if you can get a refund for the unused / unwanted services
by Andrea ZembaViews 98Updated now 2 monthsPublished 21/12/2018
Do you accept customers outside of Romania ?Frequently Asked Questions Commercial | client | order | billing
Find out in this article if we accept customers outside of Romania
by Bogdan JitaruViews 88Updated now 2 monthsPublished 14/12/2018
Will you place banners or other elements on my site ?Frequently Asked Questions Commercial | banner | pop-up windows | advertise on client's website
Banners on customer websites
by Bogdan JitaruViews 76Updated now 2 monthsPublished 25/05/2019
What is associated contacts billing?Frequently Asked Questions Commercial | contact | billing | invoice
General information about the associated contacts billing system
by Mark DohiViews 44Published now 5 monthsPublished 08/06/2022
What is a PIN code and what is it used for?Frequently Asked Questions Commercial | pin | phone | voip | security
Telephone security system
by Mark DohiViews 24Updated now 2 monthsPublished 28/06/2022